Uniconnectmedia offers excellent and high quality digital signages, interactive touch system, video display system, and video interface products from established leading manufacturers. We also provide other services such as system evaluation, system design, content development, software development, technical support, project management, installation, commissioning and after sales services.


Uniconnectmedia, unlike any other, can provide all out services on your digital signages and display technological needs. With our wide knowledge, excellent skills and availability of technologies, we can offer you the most optimum system just the way you like it. Our services and solutions range from standalone media players to the complete solution such as networked large screen displays with built-in systems that can bring you high quality graphical and audio content along with large video wall displays for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our systems are capable of withholding multiple environment conditions and applications such as education, retail, corporate and hospitality.


Uniconnectmedia is an established business that provides excellent products and services on digital signages, video displays, and interactive display systems. We are also capable of providing high quality design, system integration, content design, software development, and consultancy. We aim to accommodate, not just our clients in Singapore, but also to go beyond the borders for our beloved clients.


Uniconnectmedia services can be found in the digital signage needs in business corporations, government bodies, educational institutions, multimedia content developers, events and other enterprises.
Uniconnectmedia ensures our customers with quality and efficient products and services. We aim to cater the needs of our customers and with our excellent and efficient skills and to ensure that our customers’ projects are not delayed by product quality issues. With our professional and friendly approach, we can provide 100% satisfaction to our customers.