Choosing the Best Spot for your Digital Signage

When your customer’s walk into your store, they will start looking for something or someone that could answer their questions. One of the simplest thing that an owner should consider is to where to put the screen for their customers to access it easily. The content will be disregarded if your digital ad failed to deliver its message to the customer.


Prioritize the use of your digital signage. If it contains the product specifications, you might want to put it on shelves near the product as possible. It would not only introduce the product to the customers without the need of a store representative, but it can also refresh their idea of the product from time to time. They will be encouraged to try and eventually, buy the product because then the marketing strategy will be more effective that way.




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If you are planning to attract customers along the way, then consider putting your screen above eye level but make sure customers will not exert more effort to look up for that. Customers that will walk through your store may not look up and will miss the signage entirely. Make sure the content is still visible as well.




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If you plan to put an interactive digital signage, you have to make sure that it will be within reach of your customers. It will create more dynamic strategy especially if you plan to attract possible buyers for your product. Based on your targeted consumers, decide how tall your digital signage. In that way, your customers will not find it hard to use the signage for gathering information they need.






It would also be effective if you put your digital signage in places where people have to wait. While waiting for them to be served or while they are stuck in a traffic jam, they will have something to be entertained with. Whenever they find your ad attractive and informative, they will look for the opportunity to make time to try your product or offers. It also creates an illusion to your customer’s that time is not as slow as they think.





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You should also consider the lighting surrounding the location of the screen. You don’t want your screen to create any distraction that will make your customers uncomfortable just by merely looking at it. Make sure that the customers will be able to read the content of your signage with the available light.



The ultimate goal of a digital signage it to help retailers to promote their product and service where they could create and make customer’s experience extraordinary. Choosing the right spot where to put up your screen will help in delivering the intended content effectively.




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