Different Trends to Expect in Digital Signage for 2017

As 2017 approaches, digital signage is evolving to an active form of a communication platform that can emerge, integrate and comply with a vast of functions and categories. Being a marketing channel that operates both offline and online, organizations are expecting digital signage’s powerful drive towards big data analysis to cater wide solution for multiple users, locations, and customized content to reach diverse audiences.



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In the future, retailers and financial institutions will see digital signage providing platforms and not just software services to cope up with the rapid increase in demand from companies who are looking for a customer experience solutions. These organizations are expecting a complete customer service engagement to stand out from the crowd of digital marketing.



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To meet customers’ needs, companies that offer digital signages will continuously cultivate visual technology. One of the predictions for next year’s development is integrating Omni channel to back-end systems for actual continuity of consumers’ experiences. It means offering responsive website designs through shelf and promotional displays with visual merchandising contents wherein customers can do research, select and pay for their chosen items or services real-time.



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Major financial institutions are now converting some of their branches to a smaller and more efficient kiosks. By providing information and visual support through digital screens, retail banking can improve customers’ experiences. On the other hand, retailers can also improve their marketing scheme by deploying brand and product related games and making it more effective by offering daily prizes in the form of vouchers for their best-performing players. Gamification has also become popular in the field of education. Some schools allow classroom games to encourage students to participate in class by having an interactive quiz. In the next few years, hospitals will also take advantage of these rampant changes installing platforms that could be used as way finder and provide patient’s information to employees.



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Adding powerful digital ads is just the next rational step to an even more engaging marketing scheme. Coping up with the trends will create a more dynamic product differentiation, support different types of customers and increase the possibility of getting higher ROI. Versatility is the key factor that has been keeping digital signage to stay on track for any updates and demands.


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