Integrating Mobile Phones with Digital Signage

People are now familiar with receiving and doing things while on the move all at the same time through their mobile phones. Using of smartphones are growing in number drastically each year and some businesses are taking advantage out of it. Without mobile phones, we seem to be disconnected but once we are attached to the technology, we may be limitless. Together with smartphone is the idea of people communicating actively through social media. It means that they are more likely to be attracted on the information given to them if they get the chance to interact with it. With that in mind, investing to digital signage to be part of the business would be a great move and might as well, increase the possibility of significant profit.





Once digital signage is associated with mobile phones, it would definitely create customer interactions, broaden brand awareness and increase social proof. Most advertisers know and understand that combining social media with ads, it will drive more customers from different places and market.





Applying a technology protocol called WebSocket, smartphone owners would become part of the marketing campaign. This protocol engages both browser and web server, controlling real-time data transfer from the server and allowing messages to be delivered back and forth. On the other hand, some organizations will use a QR code or a Quick Response code, to provide capability in downloading a signage content to customer’s phone and add face recognition display that offers extensive report through interaction usage.





A vast of businesses are now integrating digital signage with mobile phone for highly creative campaigns. The key to a strong marketing strategy is to bring an eye-catching content to your consumers that will interest them to look at the screens. Informative content and an engaging medium to layout your ads would be a perfect match that may result to product awareness and increase revenue.



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