5 Big Uses of Video Walls

Video walls are multiple screens grouped together to form one large display. They are almost everywhere you go. Video walls are a big upfront investment but before you turn around and go elsewhere, you might want to rethink investing on this convenient and profit generating... 0

4 Benefits of Digital Signage in Education

Stores and buy and sell business areas aren’t the only places that can make perfect and productive use of digital signage. Schools and Universities are utilizing digital signage technology to provide better information retention and a means of public communications. Here are some uses to... 0

6 Digital Signage maintenance Tips

To optimize your investment on digital signage, it is best to do maintenance regularly. According to this source, an LCD digital signage can last up to 7 years with 24/7 activity. That’s an average life span of 60,000 hours which already includes image degradation. You... 0