When you are in the midst of the city, try to look around. I bet you’ll find various forms of print media advertised and posted on buildings. You may even receive printed flyers from random strangers. As trends in the use of technology are rising, you may also have begun noticing fresher forms of digital ads. Many find these gimmicks more attractive and are often engaging, aren’t they?


While there is still a strong use of print media, many have switched to digital ads signage and advertising.



Why Digital Advertising?

There are different factors affecting the decision of having your ads through digital signage. Your Target Audience, Cost of Advertising and Effectiveness of the Content are just some of those points to consider in moving from printing posters to digital advertising. Let’s tackle some of these items below:



Target Audience



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Business owners who opt for print media traditionally reach their target consumers through the front and back covers of magazines, or through bigger posters such as billboards that you can see along the road. There is that with direct mail where prints are directly sent to respective households and shops.


With digital signage, there is significantly a lesser need to manually reach out to your customers. You let the screens do the talking. The key strategy is to display content which is highly captivating, yet easy to digest. When done right, digital signage can greatly boost interest, build trust and credibility to your business.




Cost of Advertising



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Print media needs a lot of calculations when it comes to costing one’s business needs to publish their advertisements. Computation normally depends on how and when to publish the ads. Having a low-cost budget usually delivers ads on a small number of audience. If you have enough budget, you can pay the publishing company to feature your ad on their magazines or on a newspaper twice.


In digital signage, comprehensive payment might be expected which includes hardware, software, installation, and content. Once the product is deployed, you have all control in updating your content or ads in no time. You can manage each ad based on a time frame when you want to show it to your audience and think of the best time to feature a certain content to your audience.




Effectiveness of the Content



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Contents may be overlooked if not delivered properly to your suspected consumers. Nowadays, people rarely check ads on magazines, and if they do, they often do not linger on it. In regard to snail mail, most people do not even read what they receive if they perceive it to be an advertisement.


With digital signage, a highly creative ad will have a better chance to present the core idea of their content and efficiently interact with their audiences about their products and services. By showing succinct and eye-catching ads, digital ads can provide higher engagement.


What’s your take on digital signage? Are your advertising strategies still on the traditional method, or are you ready to make the switch? Let us know in the comments below.


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