Touch screen advertistment player with network

Touch Screen Advertisement

Ride the wave of touch screen technology in your store and in business with Uniconnect Media’s options for interactive digital signage. With many using touch screen handheld devices, it is no surprise for digital signage to be involved and use this interactive technology in business and industrial settings. The ever changing need of customers to seek out a more engaging platform for retail have prompted business owners to move toward a more tech-savvy path and away from outdated means of traditional advertising. Benefits of touch screen digital signage and network include


  • Encourages informed buying decisions with provided product information from digital screens while eliminating the pressure from interaction with a sales person.
  • Easily targeted product messages that can highlight promotions and new products for customers to see
  • Insights gathered through interactions with the touch screen for businesses to study consumer behavior to provide better customer experience.
  • Flexibility and customizability content based on retailer’s need and the ability to be able to change it in a remote area with WiFi
  • Engaging customers to learn more about the products and participate in call to actions that will help them build a relationship with the business’ brand
  • Content from different screens in a network your signage can be dynamically changed and uniformity of information in all branches of the business is assured