Video Wall and Wall Mount Signage

Video walls

Video walls fuse a series of video displays in one large visual experience. Video walls are being used in various industries due to advancements like the constant increase in video display resolution, interactivity and additional features. While it may be more attractive to choose other video display options, video walls just have many special features and flexible aspects that cannot be achieved through any other means. Collaboration, running different data simultaneously in multiple screens, seamless information processing is just some of the key features that can be achieved with video walls. The benefits of video walls don’t just stop there

magic info video wall
  • Tile configuration for the video wall panels are flexible and can be arranged vertically, horizontally or both.
  • Resolutions of images and other files are not compromised when upscaling due to higher pixel density in video walls.
  • Have the ability to show more images in fewer displays. Video wall processors give a powerful solution that provides the flexibility that allows users to display multiple source windows on each display.
  • Display different media formats and resolutions ranging from standard definition video, computer graphics to high def video simultaneously in one video wall.

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