LG SuperSign TV is an affordable All-in-One display solution. No need to purchase any additional hardware or software. Deliver your messages while broadcasting live channels simultaneously

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MagicInfo offer end-users creative options made to make and manage digital signage content. Create content from something as simple as an eye-catching static digital display..

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UCSign Studio Pro

(Digital Signage Software)

The UCSignageStudio Pro is a cross OS presentation builder like no other, it is at the core the Digital Signage platform. It is where you will spend most of your time building, configuring,

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FasterQ Studio Pro

(Queuing Software)

They can be remotely notified via their mobile device when their number is coming up; thus allowing them to hold a spot in line from anywhere. Save your customers time.

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(Videowall Software)

Samsung’s Advanced Color Management (ACM) Chipset processes images and color at the highest performance available in the video wall display market.As a key technology for factory and user calibration.

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What if you could reach your audience one step further by showing content in the palm of their hands and allowing then to experience the choice of which content to view.

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Hotel IPTV

Our two-way interface supports both On Demand Movie and Internet Services on the one interface module. Alternatively we can supply an individual interface for our Internet

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Simply plug in your displays into your local network. Login to SmartCMS and start to add your displays and create your network. You can identify each display by editing the you are ready, save &

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Hotel Smart TV

Hospitality Solutions

Solutions for hospitality)

Get A Hotel SMART TV Platform
deliver the improved guest experience that a SMART TV platform provides, without having to upgrade your COAX Cable Structure, with our nw 694 Series

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Information Technology plays a huge role in your business, but it doesn’t have to take up a huge space in the budget. Our Financing solutions can help your business improve bookkeeping and cash flow while still meeting all your IT requirements.

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Deliver a hassle-free experience to your customers and provide access to real-time locations and destinations with this 3D Wayfinder. Remotely manage information in one easy-to-use centralized web service.

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