Hotel IPTV Solution EZEStream

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HD Digital IP Solution


  • HD digital video content (TCP / IP based Ethernet or Coax)
  • Digital (IP based) Radio channels in multiple languages
  • Digital (IP based) HTML user interface (multi Lingual)
  • Full Motion movie select trailer channels
  • HD Digital On Demand Box Office & Adult (studio approved)
  • Movies with FF/RW/Pause/Bookmarking
  • 100% of all guests to watch the same or any On Demand movie at the same time
  • Display modes: HDMI output (1280 x 720 resolution) or VGA output (1024 x 768 resolution)
  • Full HD Display Mode (1080i / 1080p)
  • Set Top Box with built in Digital and Analogue tuners
  • IPTV player or both SD and HD content with studio approved encryption (SecureMedia)
  • 120 titles available to the guest at any time and updated on a monthly basis
  • Hotel Info or Promotion video can be integrated to main menu screen
  • Compatible with all major TV brands
  • Grace period of 5 minutes before charging on box office titles (this can be configured dynamically)
  • Terminal computer for hotel staff usage to check equipment status, billing reports & blocking rooms
  • Broadcast Messaging to nominated guest rooms
  • Picture Messaging to nominated guest rooms

Interface Requirement


Our two-way interface supports both On Demand Movie and Internet Services on the one interface module. Alternatively we can supply an individual interface for our Internet Services which adds user authentication by guest name and room number, VIP codes, plus the ability to retrieve data for up to eight user-defined fields from the PMS database over a serial or TCP/IP link.


System Layout


Hotel IPTV Solution EZEStream offers you a full IP DVOD system utilizing the TCP / IP and UDP network data protocols on all existing cabling networks. This allows our clients to have access to the latest IPTV technology without additional investment.

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HSIA Broadband Solution & Services


The Hotel IPTV Solution EZEStream solution can provide both digital RF, HD IPTV and HSIA services; our current broadband solution can be provided as a converged network and can run over the following Infrastructure: RF (Coaxial), CAT3, CAT5, CAT6 and Fibre Optic. Both the HD movie system and our HSIA offering can work together as converged network or as standalone systems.

HSIA Broadband Solution – HSIA Server Feature & Benefits


  • Wired & Wireless Access for guest rooms, internet kiosks, employee access terminal, conference rooms and public areas (seamless between platforms)
  • Managed ISP line into hotel with no data limited
  • Bandwidth Management to ensure premium service (per user – flexible)
  • Data Management to ensure premium service (per user – flexible)
  • Time Based Billing/Usage Based Billing
  • Remote Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Shaping for conference delegates/Video Conference Access
  • Location Based Authentication/Credit Card Authorization/User Based Access codes
  • Hotel generated access codes via Thermal Printer/Customized conference access codes
  • Multi – Use (User Based Codes)/Multi – Language Options for User Interface
  • Automatic Start Page on first connection with Redirection to Hotel Web page (Multilanguage)
  • Wall Garden (up to 1000 free websites)
  • VIP and Rate codes via PMS
  • 24 hour local toll free support number Multi – Language Options
  • IP Address Management DHCP Relay/IP Address Management DHCP Client
  • Multi Subnet Support and SMTP E-mail Relay to External Servers
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Linux & MAC compliant
  • Auto-detection of Client Browser Type
  • TCP / IP Multicast Support/Public or Private IP Options
  • External & Transparent Proxy Support

HSIA Broadband Solution – Security Features Include


  • “State Full Packet Inspection” firewall
  • Ethernet level VLAN Security. VPN Pass -through (IPsec/PPTP/SSL/L2TP)
  • 323 & SIP Support
  • Brute Force Protection
  • VLAN Tagging (IEEE 802.1q)
  • Secure SSL Login
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Conference Service & Facilities


Hotel IPTV Solution EZEStream provides full service conference broadband facilities to all of our major hotel partners via wired and wireless connections. Connections range from single user video conferencing through to hundreds of users for general internet access. Hotel conference staff can provide access codes to suit individual conference requirements via an onsite code generation terminal.


To support and assist hotel staff, Hotel IPTV Solution EZEStream has a dedicated Conference Account Manager to liaise directly with clients for technical purposes to ensure all requirements are discussed and exceeded.


Features and Benefits of Hotel IPTV Solution EZEStream Conference Internet are:

  • Access codes tailored to individual conferences
  • Bandwidth shaping for conference delegates
  • 24 hour support number for conference users
  • Onsite technicians available if requested by conference organizers
  • Able to provide and support additional internet equipment
  • Work closely with hotels to determine correct bandwidth supply

Interactive Services


Interactive Services provides our hotel partners the opportunity to talk to their guest in an intimate way, we also provide additional revenue generators including up selling features. Hotel IPTV Solution EZEStream provide the opportunity to tailor our solution with your brand values. This form of customizing allows the guest to see continuity from entry through to the guest room.


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Welcome Message and hotel information customization

A standard welcome message is available or a dedicated promotional welcome message can be chosen or customized by our in-house developers in conjunction with your hotel’s brand standards and ethos.

Movie Selection

To Select your Movie Preference use the up and down arrows to select movie and press the ok button. This will bring you to your movie selection screen where you can choose the following; New Release, Blockbuster, Girls Gone Wild, Our Movie Deal and Adult R18+

Bookmark List

Book Mark gives you the opportunity to come back at a later date, this feature provides you the opportunity to come back later, simply opted out of your movie – re-enter at a more convenient time and your movie will pick up from where you left it.

Fast Forward/Rewind

Features of the system allow for you to fast forward/rewind or pause.

Guest Messaging

Messaging feature allows the guest to receive messages from the hotel’s front desk this can be in the form of either an advertising opportunity or used in its most traditional form.

Local & International Streamed Radio Channels via Internet

Radio channels from around the world can be streamed via our offering, this is an optional feature, providing the an international guest the opportunity to hear about news or music from their home town where ever that may be.