UniconnectTouch (UCTouch)


Perfect marriage between Signage and Mobile

What if you could reach your audience one step further by showing content in the palm of their hands and allowing then to experience the choice of which content to view. This is all possible with UCTouch, with the ability to let the viewer simply hold their device to scan the QR code displayed in the digital signage presentation.

One the device reads the code, it will be redirected to an HTML webpage and lets the consumer make selections and control the designated digital signage. This converts your digital signage to a whole new viewer experience. Customers can make selections and pick what content and for how long to watch. Their device acts as a personal remote control for your signage. But that’s not all, with UCTouch the customer can even make further selections in sub pages, and navigate individual products using for example LEFT / RIGHT arrow buttons on his device which in turn will flip through products on the screens. To create this engaging service and you don’t need any programming skills at all. In fact, you can setup UCTouch in a matter of minutes, controlling which presentations and what screens may be controlled by your Audience.


Customer scans QR on Digital Signage


Screen and customers device is connected


Customer controls Digital Signage


Customer exits and presentation resumes


Experience create consumer relationship

UCTouch bridges the gap between the Digital Signage world and the Mobile world, finally allowing your customers the freedom to engage with your screens in a natural and convenient way. UCTouch is an intelligent service that is packed with great features, for example, if a customer is controlling a screen, that customer would receive exclusive access to that screen until the presentation ends, or until he exists his selection. It also generates a unique QR that is bound to a specific screen, so if you have dozens of Digital Signage screens in different locations, the system is smart enough to know which QR was selected and allow your customer to control only the screen they are standing in front of; all this requires no special configuration on your part, it’s just smart like that.

You can load default HTML selection pages so you can get up and running in no time. However, you can also host an HTML page anywhere you like and this page can be used instead, to present your audience with a fully customizable selection page.

This service takes your brand to further heights with customer relationship by giving them customizable experience. By given them a choice you give then a choice to choose you. So to summarize, with UCTouch your audience can use their smart phones to scan a QR code and remotely control the screen in front of them. When users tap on the menu displayed on their mobile phones, the corresponding content will be presented on the Digital Signage screens; it`s simple and works.



RemotePad gives your customers even more ways to engage with your Digital Signage screens. With RemotePad a customer first joins your Wi-Fi network, next he scans a QR code on the digital Signage screen using his own mobile phone. Once scanned, the customer will be redirected into a web page where the phone essentially becomes a virtual Mouse pad.

This allows customers to control a cursor right on the Digital Signage screen and provides the business with the ability to deliver amazing tools like on screen games, product catalog selector and more.

RemotePad can even be used as a remote Kiosk and send events throughout the campaign so a customer can switch timelines, communicate with smart devices (IoT) and ultimately allows you to deliver an impressionable experience for your audience.