With advanced calibration process and superior panel technology, Samsung video walls are the world’s premier solution for captivating media installations


Samsung ACM Chipset delivers precise color expression


Samsung’s Advanced Color Management (ACM) Chipset processes images and color at the highest performance available in the video wall display market. As a key technology for factory and user calibration, this cutting-edge 16-bit internal chipset makes it possible for Samsung video walls to be calibrated comprehensively, both at home and in the factory, meaning Samsung video wall screens maintain more accurate color and higher local uniformity than comparable products on the market. Samsung’s advanced ACM Chipset 16-bit LUT enables reproducing more accurate colors by minimizing color distortion. The result is smooth, clear color with minimal loss of gradation.


Consistent Brightness and Color with Samsung Factory Calibration


Each individual Samsung video wall display goes through a meticulous factory pre-calibration process. Samsung’s new factory calibration process tunes the x and y color coordinates and brightness of each screen guaranteeing exquisite color and near-perfect local uniformity right out of the box.

Our 8-step Gamma curve and grayscale correction process maximizes grayscale detail and image depth for exceptional texture even on dark or saturated images. Additionally, by fine-tuning RGB color balance, Samsung displays deliver a superior white balance difference of less than 300 degrees K.


Because display panels and backlight units have minute performance differences, every display inevitably has local uniformity deviation. To compensate for these differences, we divide each screen into a 5×5 grid then measure and adjust local brightness to more than 90% accuracy. This rigorous and exacting color management calibration exceeds that of our competitors, making Samsung displays ideal for video wall installations. With factory tuning, users do not need to purchase additional calibration equipment or programs, allowing them to install their video wall right out of the box.


Customized Calibration with Samsung Color Expert ™ Software


Samsung Color Expert Software allows users to calibrate the color settings more precisely than is possible through factory calibration. Provided at no charge, Samsung Color Expert enables the user to more finely adjust local uniformity, white balance and Gamma calibration simply and intuitively.


Superior Panel Quality


High Durability for Longer


Term UsageVideo walls must be able to tolerate long hours of operation, high temperatures, ambient dust and heavy-duty usage. Cheap displays may lose quality after long-term use and static images may be permanently burned into the screens, causing distortion and distraction for the audience. Samsung video wall panels, on the other hand, are both heat and dust resistant and they boast a high weight bearing capacity. They also come equipped with screen burn-in protection, which helps prevent a fixed image from sticking on the screen after being displayed for a long period of time.


Non-glare Panels


Samsung video walls use non-glare panels to ensure vivid, high-visibility content even under strong direct light. By diffusing the light that hits the display surface, non-glare panels allow video walls to be installed in a range of environments with little to no reduction in image quality or distracting glare.


High Contrast Ratio


Samsung video wall panels offer a high contrast ratio, which results in detailed and delicate images with subtle texture even in dark or low grayscale scenes. Samsung panels deliver darker black for outstanding images with accurate visual expression.

* Depending on the model, contrast Ratio ranges from 3,500:1 to 4,000:1 in Samsung’s 2015 lineup.

PC-less, All-in-one content management solution


Samsung video walls come equipped with a powerful software solution that allows users to control a multitude of rich content without requiring an external processor unit. Our all-in-one software solution, Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) 3.0*, boasts a powerful quad-core processor, multi-source switching and a media player, all in a single box. With SSSP embedded, there is no need for an additional PC or media player. Even video walls without SoC hardware (such as UDE-B, UDE-C) can deliver powerful performance equivalent to SoC embedded video walls with the addition of an optional signage player box.
* System-on-Chip (SoC) availability varies by model


UHD Content on Bigger Video Wall


With an increase in screen size, content resolution becomes even more important. Conventional video walls typically require external splitting devices and can only accommodate up to 2×2 installations. Samsung video walls, on the other hand, are equipped with the industry’s first integrated DisplayPort (DP) 1.2 and HDMI ports. This allows Samsung’s UDE-B and UDE-C video walls to display Ultra-High Definition (UHD) content such as live TV or Blu-Ray discs, across video wall configurations as large as 5×5 without needing expensive external hardware.

* For Samsung’s 2015 lineup, this feature is only available on UDE-B, UDE-C video wall displays.

Streamlined Design and Easy Set-up


Sophisticated Video Wall and Creative Art wall Designs


Slim-depth displays with narrow 3.5 mm bezels and a sleek design enable businesses to create chic and elegant installation. Easy configuration allows for greater creativity in composing artistic video wall layouts.

Streamlined Installation


Samsung’s embedded SoC simplifies installation by eliminating the need for an additional media player. Special wall mounts also make setup easier, delivering a perfect fit without unnecessary measuring and labor, giving you the flexibility to install single landscape displays, multi-panel portrait walls or massive 10 x 10 video walls.