Turning Digital Signage as a Playful Interactive for Schools

Most digital displays are designed with multi-touch functionality, and the digital signage world is taking it as an advantage to innovate and provide great experiences to its audience. Large companies are now using it to relay information to their customers as well as putting a touch of entertainment by integrating interactive displays. For instance, clothing stores put up displays where customers could choose a particular dress and try it on virtually, hospitals provide screens where they could get general information about a certain patient and museums that provide big interactive screens to engage customers in a natural and playful learning environment.


Every day, schools – colleges and universities are applying digital displays to make a modern environment that would make teachers and students to work and learn in the most creative way. Digital signage breaks the traditional teaching and makes it more exciting by changing how educational facilities correspond to students, faculty members and guests.



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Imagine you’re in class wherein classroom activities are done using touch screen displays. Students, especially kids would love to participate. This increases the possibility of students to go to school and learn while at the same time, enjoying the company of each other.




Aside from interactive screens inside the rooms, some schools are deploying two LCD displays that are program to function as a digital signage where school announcements, class timetables and relevant information to students are presented while the other one operates as an interactive screen where students can activate and turn it into a multi-touch web-based learning environment. This attracts other students from different departments and creates a harmonious relationship within the campus.




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Once an advanced social learning system is used widely within the campus, it is expected to show consistency to its system, information and interaction quality. Perceiving usefulness would result in user satisfaction – admins, faculty members, and students. Multi-touch interaction displays provide intuitive activities that can potentially put the students’ interest to have fun and socialize in an engaging and exciting way.



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