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The 5 types of interactive kiosks for your business

Interactive kiosks have been a staple in the modern environment and it is generally a good investment for certain types of businesses and applications. Beyond that, it is important that we identify what type of kiosk our establishment needs to optimize our investments. So before we go to another webpage and purchase one, read through this to know which one is best for the business.

1. Point of Information kiosk


This type of kiosk is purely for information. Usually found in large places with a high density of people to provide information regarding the area. This is the same type of kiosk used for way finding in places that are easy to get lost in. Apart from making sure that patrons of the establishment are well informed, there isn’t any tangible ROI for Point of Information kiosks.

2. Product Promotion kiosk


Product promotion can come in the form of electronic coupons or plain advertisement. These types of kiosks are used in retail to provide information and offer a chance for customers to take advantage of the promotions. Electronic coupons can come in the form of messages or a consequence to customers acting on “call to action” buttons on business websites or the digital signage.

3. Service Kiosk


There has been a high demand for service kiosks due to it’s shorter service time when compared to the same service done manually. These are the kiosks that you use to pay your bills, fill out application forms and the more menial tasks that can be done without the need of staff assistance. This is known to give high ROI since there are more customers that get to be serviced at a short amount of time.

4. Product Dispensing Kiosk


Also known as vending kiosks, these are the hardest type of kiosk to implement due having the complete merchant process in one machine. From creating the product to delivering it, up to receiving the payment, the product dispensing kiosk is a store-in-a-box. This used to be deployed only in ticket issuing establishments like train stations, theaters and banks but has now expanded to dispensing any small and basic item.

5. Internet Commerce Kiosk


These kiosks have internet connection for users to be able to buy from retail and financial establishments conveniently. These kiosks directly connect to a company’s website for customers to make direct purchases. Internet commerce kiosks are starting to appear a lot in public places for quick purchases or for people to participate in online investment services.

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