Trailer color VMS UCMVMT3AB2

Trailer Mount Variable Message Sign

Trailer color VMS UCMVMT3AB2

Main feature:

– Three-color full matrix LED display.

– Ultra bright highly legible LEDs display message clearly.

– Low power consumption and more uptime.

– Support multiple partitions display tasks simultaneously.

– Can display English, Arabic, Spanish, special letter form.

– Can display symbols, graphics and animation..

– Individual display LED modules can be replaced easily.

– With hand hold controller

– Program message by laptop or mobile phone with software.

– Communication via RS232 or wireless Bluetooth.

РDC, or Solar power  option

– Weather-resistant Construction.

– Powder coat paint.

– Choice of sizes and mounting options.

Screen Specification:

– Dimensions:1350X850X70mm

– Colors: choose 3 color from Red, Blue, Green, Amber, White.